Breaking through glass ceilings - Dr. Neeta Jain

Dr. Neeta Jain has not only broken multiple glass ceilings for Jains, South Asians, Indian Americans, Women, and Minorities, but has done so with the betterment of our community in heart, and shown Jain values in words and actions throughout. Here are a mere few of her lengthy accomplishments: District Leader for May's Assembly District 25 Founder and President of the National Ahimsa Foundation. PhD in Psychology, 30+ years of Practice. Successfully lead the effort to create a Forever Diwali Stamp, supported heavily by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. Currently leading the effort to have #Diwali declared a national holiday in NY public schools. Champion for diversity, inclusion, gender equality and women's rights. Recipient of the "Women Empowerment Award" by the Foreign Consulate

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