Jains For Justice - Hetali Lodaya and Chandni Shah

Meet Hetali Lodaya and Chandni Shah as they present the importance of why our voice as Jains matter even more today than ever before. Learn more about Jains for Justice.

Chandni Shah is a current undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. She has had experience with campaigning for more political efficacy in the AAPI community, specifically, campaigning for the 2020 census in the AAPI community and various phone-banking and campaign efforts for voter registration. As a team member of Jains for Justice, a group which aims to build grassroots Jain allyship with marginalized communities and advance justice through a contemporary Jain South Asian lens grounded in empathy, Ahimsa, and Anekantvad,she strives to continue her efforts in civic engagement in the Jain community.

Hetali Lodaya currently a law clerk for a federal judge in Detroit and long-term hopes to do civil rights work in the K-12 education space. She has been involved in the social justice and social entrepreneurship communities since she was an undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill, and very closely ties back her involvement in these spaces to her Jain faith.

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