Stress Academy - Prerit Shah, Dr. Amee Mehta and Dr. Pritesh Mutha

Prerit Shah, Dr. Amee Mehta and Dr. Pritesh Mutha are with the Stress Academy: a non-profit organization of physicians, psychologists, Jain philosophy experts and volunteers who are on a mission to empower people to become resilient to stress and conquer stress from within. They will lead us in exploring suggested tools to manage perceptions, beliefs, emotions and lifestyle resulting in improved emotional, mental and physical well being.

Dr. Amee Mehta is an experienced Family Medicine Physician and Public Health specialist. Her expertise includes providing personalized care for acute and chronic medical and psychological conditions. Dr. Mehta’s passion in Preventive Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine and Nutrition helps her empower patients with simple techniques to make a huge difference in improving their overall health. She has special interests in integrating Jain Philosophy, Medical Science and Eastern
Meditative practices to improve emotional wellness of her patients. Apart from that she enjoys research and mentoring medical students.

Prerit Shah is an experienced Aerospace engineer and data scientist, who enjoys learning and teaching Jain philosophy. He is passionate to empower people to improve emotional wellbeing and resilience through Jain philosophical techniques and lifestyle coaching at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and neuroscience.

Dr. Pritesh Mutha is a medical doctor, published researcher and a professor with expertise in advanced endoscopy and esophageal motility in the field of gastroenterology. Dr. Mutha is a principal investigator on several clinical trials at his medical center. He has a special interest in lifestyle medicine, and non-pharmacological management of gastrointestinal and
pancreatobiliary illnesses. He routinely integrates the wisdom of Jain philosophy in his medical practice to treat his patients and help them live medicine-free, happy, healthy life with great success.

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